Where to get spare car keys made

There are a lot of places that can make you keys and most car dealerships offer this service for free.

key cutting places handle these matters since it's an occupation they know about. most people appreciate the help because it allows them to go back to their lives – like most jobs they handle things like this as well, they don't simply rely on the key company who supplies them with new combinations all the time. a lot of people end up forgetting where “x” place is, and when we're talking about getting a spare key made or duplicated then they really need quick service and not wait for shipping that takes days.

how much does a spare car key cost?

it's quite hard to provide a definite price for this, but it can be roughly estimated that the average car key will cost about $13 – $20.

individual parts such as remote transmitter and transponder (respectively) can add up quickly; depending on the make and model, sometimes costing over $150. costs can also fluctuate widely depending on where you get your key made or bought from too. for instance, a key shop in a metro area might charge more than a mom-and-pop store in a less populated suburb would. the bottom line is that do your research before going to any one place to have them cut it! especially when something may be much closer and cheaper for you elsewhere. some times

does autozone make car keys?

no, they do not make car keys.

(if anything, they should be under “auto part stores.” but i doubt you were looking for those.)
i am sorry to say that autozone does not make car keys as far as i know (or as far as the writer knows).
they are primarily an auto parts store. they sell things like batteries, windshield wipers and oil filters for your vehicle. autozone primarily only focuses on automotive-related items so one may need to visit a different store if they are trying to buy something related to keys or locksmithing services. we at

how do i get a spare key for my car?

if your car is still under warranty, you should contact the company to request a replacement key. however, if it's not under warranty, you can order a spare at the dealership or online with nissan parts center for instance.

does home depot make car keys?

home depot doesn't make car keys, but they sell them.

home depot typically carries only the more common types of car keys. they carry some specialty items in their locks and hardware department (these categories are at the end of each aisle) that include key blanks and key punches, both of which can be used to create custom-made car keys.

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