Where to put gun in car

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where can you carry a gun in your car?

one can carry a gun in the passenger compartment of their vehicle, but it cannot be on or near your body at any time.

outside of one's car, one may possess a firearm within his or her private property if properly secured with a trigger lock and cable securing mechanism so as to render the firearm inaccessible for ready use, dispose of an unplugged cigarette lighter after smoking in their car. this answer is not professional.

can i drive around with a gun in my car?

you cannot carry a gun in your car, it's illegal to transport firearms

can i keep a gun in my glove box?

a gun stored in the glove compartment is usually considered non-functioning under state law. unless your car's glove compartment with its lockbox fits the description of a secure area, it will most likely be subject to different license requirements for each municipality or county. for example, in los angeles county, california, there is no requirement for registration of “unloaded firearms you use solely as part of your job” stored in an employee's private vehicle. so if you keep that box locked and don't take it out on any unknown errands outside your work hours then who would ever know?

some things to consider: (1) where will you park? (2) does the parking lot have surveillance

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