Where to sell car parts

You can sell car parts by looking in the classifieds section of your local newspaper.

you can also use services like craigslist to put up ads for your products. it is well worth advertising on craigslist because many people are not aware that it's a great resource for buying and selling things locally. you just have to read all their advice before you post your own classified to make sure you're in compliance with their policies about what they allow there, which is quite extensive – check out what else i found in the article i linked to above! wikipedia goes into much more detail on how you should select a good headline, price items accordingly, take blurry photographs or photos with only one item in frame, etcetera et cetera.

how can i sell my old car parts?

at your local junkyard, you should be able to sell scrap metal for cash. selling car parts can also work, but it's better if they're intact. car dealerships are the best way to find buyers for broken or working parts, but then you need a seller who is looking to bridge that middle ground between buyer and seller – junkyards are part of this link in the chain so nowadays many go straight there when trying to offload old vehicle parts.

can you sell your car parts?

a person would be wise to at least ask the question of whether an individual has the legal right to sell their vehicle. some states offer very stiff penalties for modifying, dismantling, or otherwise rendering inoperative any mechanisms that are critical to the safe operation of a motor vehicle including but not limited to parts like steering columns and headlamps. the specific prohibitions vary state by state so it is best to call your local department of motor vehicles before taking on this task.
it is also inadvisable in most cases because car parts quickly lose their value due to frequent release of new models or redesigns so expecting more than scrap metal price for them might prove fruitless. unless you can guarantee that you can move all items quickly when

can you get money for old car parts?

you can either trade your old car parts for money with a scrap dealer, or take it to the recycling center to recycle unwanted products for money.

some states have laws enacted that make tire recycling mandatory. these mandates are typically heeded by only large trucking companies who need tires for their fleets. the typical homeowner is not required to enforce these mandates which can lead to environmental pollution of sediment runoff into waterways, streams, and lakes during periods of heavy rain. on the other hand, enforcement might be prevented because dumping an old tire on private property within 40 feet of a waterway may result in being fined up to $10,000 per occurrence($40 million per year).

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