Where to sign title when selling car

A title can be signed to a particular person or just the “right of title” can be passed along. it is wise not to get it signed over the wrong way, since this might invalidate your ownership. this is because you are transferring ownership of the car to someone else's name, but if it's only in your name, then you are still legally liable for any fine or other costs associated with that car. the best thing you should do when signing over a vehicle title is have both people present at the time of transfer for safety measures.

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where does the seller sign on a car title?

the seller should sign over the title in the spot where it says “presented without warranty, permitted by law.” this is not to be confused with a bill of sale, which must also be signed and allow for any changes. if presented with separate documents (i.e., bill of sale and title), make sure both these documents are completed correctly.

how do you sign a title over to someone else?

the process of signing property title to someone else is known as “conveying.” the actual act of conveying ownership through the legal system is quite complicated, often requiring documents like deed, purchase agreement, disclosures and so on. but for purposes of this question, let us say that john doe signs over his home title to bob smith. first off, the deed only gives bob smith rights to live in or use the property—it does not grant him any monetary rights (you cannot charge rent just because you own it). if john doe still owns a mortgage on the property though he will be required by law to tell his lender that he's conveying part of his property over to bob smith before

how do you transfer the title of a car?

i recommend getting a car title transfer kit from your local dmv office.

the process for transferring a car title differs by state. but the general concept is the same: you need to obtain a new title and record lien release documents (generally, these will be called something like “affidavit of release of lien”). states share information on how best to handle this process online, but often require that you visit them in person at one point or another during the process. so why not start with gathering everything you'll need and head down there now? if you're unsure about where to go, use our dmv locator tool!

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