Where to transfer car title

There are three entities in most states that can be used for this service. they are the county clerk, the secretary of state, and the bureau of motor vehicles (bmv).
the county clerks normally issue marriage licenses but is also responsible for general vehicle registration and titling. it may be required to visit a registrar's office in person or to complete paperwork and then mail it in.
additionally, certain counties handle vehicle registration at their courthouse only. the county clerks will not save you money on titles because they charge an equivalent fee to motorists trying to have vehicles titled elsewhere. if you are looking for any further clarification about options available contact your local county clerks office
the secretary of state generally handles statewide

how much does it cost to transfer a car title in wa?

the average cost of a transfer title in wa is $10.25 without lien, and the average cost with a lien ranges from $12 to as much as $122 depending on the type of vehicle being transferred over.

please note that not all vehicles will require a proof of ownership or proof that you have successfully completed a driver's license/id card application form. please contact your local dmv to find out if these are requied forms for your situation. thank you!

how much does it cost to transfer a vehicle title in texas?

a new car will cost $75, and a used car normally costs around $35.

transferring a vehicle title can be done at any dmv office for an appointment time during the normal hours of 10:00 am to 4:30 pm monday through friday. once you show up at your scheduled appointment time, the registered owner will need to sign off on the documents as well as provide paperwork such as their tx driverís license or id card and current vehicle registration certificate plates, if those plates are assigned to this vehicle. completing these obligations may allow for one free transfer of title per year and additional transfers will cost $75 each. the number of owners listed on a title varies from state to state but may include all past owners

where do i transfer a car title in texas?

the best place to transfer the title of the vehicle in texas is when you are titling it. you can do that in any county office or state law enforcement agencies. if that is not an option, then you should go to your local motor vehicles department.

when titling a vehicle, you will need bring all previous owners and their signatures on the appropriate section on the back of the title certificate. also, there must be no outstanding liens against your car title before it can be transferred. the cost for titling varies depending to if it's done through dmv or other counties offices but price range ranges from $10-$20 dollars. on top of this cost, for dmv transactions, there is also a $25

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