Where was the first national automobile show held in 1900

The first automobile show was held in new york city.

some of the very prominent companies to debut the latest in automobiles at this event included chrysler, ford, maxwell-briscoe, general electric company (ge), and locomobile. all of these companies announced their intentions for how they were going to change transportation for america by making affordable cars that would work well on paved surfaces. it began with street rods raced by henry ford himself back when he raced cars during his spare time – an activity that ended up costing him quite a bit financially until he became successful enough to put all his other affairs behind him. this would not be the only impact henry ford had on transportation history; rather it paved way for what was predicted to become

what was the first auto show?

the first auto show started in germany in 1885.

the very first auto show took place on october 5, 1885, and was a three-day event hosted by the hotel de ville at berlin. models from 14 manufacturers were shown, including 11 steam powered models (source). it's interesting how much car technology has changed over 125 years! i'm guessing that if someone had said back then they wanted to invest in an atv or electric car company […] it would seem like really bad timing.

in which city were automobiles built in the early 1900's?

in 1903, henry ford founded the company that would later become known as the ford motor company.
in these formative years, detroit was a bustling center of industry and opportunism. it wasn't until 1909 that ford decided to build a factory not in chicago or akron, but in the suburban enclave of dearborn. this decision may have been influenced by george fisher's acquisition of a large parcel of farmland outside detroit – conveniently close to the richardsonian romanesque architecture favored by so many entrepreneurs at this time – and where workers could enjoy amenities such as electricity, running water, sewers and sanitation services…
detroit became the benchmark for automobile production throughout much of its early history – producing nearly five million vehicles each year between 1948 and 1952

when did car meets start?

cars have been meeting from the time they were invented. back then, a car's major feature was that it could replace a horse and rider, so some of these early meetings would've had horses in attendance too.

the first recorded mention of a car meet was 1912 in the united states, but it wasn't tilrr 1911 that cars had an opportunity to compete with one another (the vanderbilt cup). it's believed by historians today that such competitions may give rise to professional motorsports like formula one racing. these competitions though only involved luxury cars and racers with wealthy families backing them – namely teams with money from wall street brokers who wanted to make contacts among their childrens' high society friends.

where was the first automobile factory?

the first automobile factory was the olds motor vehicle company plant in lansing, michigan.

oldsmobile was america's third oldest car manufacturer of all time after duryea brothers of chicopee falls, massachusetts began operations on september 3 of 1895 and durant motors (later bought by chevrolet) founded by william crapo durant on august 23, 1908. they also built the first gasoline-powered tractor in 1910 called model j for john deere. by 1927 though, they were outshined by ford and gm dominance with production peaking at 500k vehicles per year before declining throughout the 30's until just stopping production entirely following the great depression.
by 1916 they had moved to their new home base in lansing, michigan

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