Which automobile manufacturer produced a car named the prelude


the following list of vehicles contains models produced by honda, past and present.
honda accord (1979-present)
honda civic (1983-present)
honda city (1980-1987)
honda jazz/fit (2001-2015)
odyssey mpv wagon station wagon station wagon stationwagon stationwagon stationwagon stationwagon stationwagon(1995-2000), now an suv(1999-)­­­­­cooper, now a crossover suv crossover truck body car truck car truck car truck suv sedan coupe convertible debut mini city bike bike bike bike bike bike bike motorcycle motorcycle motorcyle bicycle bicycle bicycle, motocycle tractor forklift _ _ _ _._

does honda still make the prelude?

honda will not be making or selling the prelude. this vehicle is discontinued in the us, japan, and europe markets.

is honda prelude a good car?

the honda prelude is a good car! it offers vtec style acceleration and is surprisingly roomy and comfortable for its compact size, with an engine boasting both high fuel efficiency and durability.
the 1990s was a decade of fast paced growth in the automobile industry, but also saw struggles between two different philosophies- aesthetics or practicality. honda strove to find a balance between these two schools of manufacturing by narrowing their product range to focus on products such as the honda civic for those who wanted beauty, and the honda prelude for those needed something bigger that had more brute power than most japanese engines could offer at the time.

the prelude's design was really just an evolution from ferraris' 308 coupes (the wedge shaped tailf

what is the best honda prelude?

honda vehicles are widely varied in quality. the best vehicle for each individual is dependent on personal preference, but your safest bet when purchasing a new vehicle is to research reviews based on the type of vehicle you wish to purchase.

what happened to the honda prelude?

the honda prelude ended production back in 2001 due to an unfortunate reality of the automotive industry. during the 1990's, vehicles became heavier and heavier thanks to enhanced safety standards for both driver and passenger. the prelude was one of these vehicles that had become so large it could no longer be classified as a “compact car”“. at this point, even midrange vehicles were becoming too heavy. but because compact cars still existed there was no way for them to compete with larger vehicles on price because the price differential between the two types of car was too great. so other automakers (like subaru) developed smaller sized models that customers started viewing as different class or type of vehicle which led to other automakers following suit, thus increasing their sales volume while not

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