Which car ranks as the world’s best-selling automobile of all time

The honda accord
the honda accord surpassed the volkswagen beetle in 2007, which then took over the title of world's best-selling car that it had held for six consecutive years.
the toyota corolla has now passed the 10 million unit milestone and is closing in on taking over third place behind the toyota prius.

which vehicle is the best selling of all time?

volkswagen golf

when it comes to the best selling vehicles of all time, there are several contenders. the question may be better worded to specify which vehicle has sold the most in its category or in total. for example, toyota corolla was number one in 2013 for best selling compact car. but when looking at total sales, volkswagen golf is number one with 32 million cars produced since 1974; 6 million less than toyota corolla with 38+ million cars built over that same time frame. the company produces 90 models and under them has three main makes including audi, porsche and volkswagen brands like vw golf for small cars like mine (my favorite).


what is the number 1 selling vehicle in the world?

the volkswagen golf. the vw group sold over 1,000,000 examples of the vw golf in 2016.
this number doesn't take into account sales for any other car model.
so it's probable that another car takes this title if you include all the cars made by the vw group!
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what is the most sold car every year?

the ford f-150 is the most sold car every year.

in the united states, ford f-150s are often seen as a symbol of america's rugged self-reliance and “can do” attitude. respected for its capability, easy to repair, strong suspension and reliability – it's not at all surprising that motorists nationwide rely on this as their workhorse pickup truck as well as personal vehicle. more than 425,000 pickups have been sold so far in 2017 alone!
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