Which example shows an advantage of owning a car over leasing one?

Leasing a car over owning a car is always going to be the cheaper option. this is because with a lease, some of the costs of ownership are borne by the buyer while some are born by some third party company, which incurs less loss from depreciation and from repairs or from outright damage for many leased cars that might be returned after their leases expire.
with an auto loan on a depreciating asset like a vehicle, sellers may incur 50% of all cost changes due to depreciation in order to allow buyers more purchasing power up front. if depreciation rates were stable over time this might not be so bad but they’re not – they go up and down wildly based on economic conditions and can seriously affect monthly payments for buyers

which example shows an advantage of owning a car over lease in one?

the owner pays the full purchase price of the car up front and owns it, while at lease end there is nothing to own.

owning a current model-year car for five years instead of leasing costs an average $6,000 more than leasing over those five years because you will be paying $6,000 less in monthly lease payments. for those who don't care about ownership…they should consider purchasing a new car at substantial discounts off their retail value and then sell them after just one or two years before starting on another low cost rental program that should offer even bigger savings than the latest models will be. however this option would not offer long-term gratification as other options do, but could help save for down payment on

which example shows an advantage of owning a car over leasing one quizlet?

if you want vehicle ownership to give you a sense of empowerment and accomplishment, leasing a vehicle does not provide the same level of long-term satisfaction as automobile ownership. admittedly, it's worth noting that owning a car along with its associated costs might prove burdensome for some people. despite this obvious drawback, the potential benefits from owning your own car outweigh these considerations by an overwhelming margin. in order to decide whether leasing or purchasing is best for you all depend on the finer details of your situation. for example, if you're someone who drives less than 15000 miles per year and will be taking care of their auto for at least 4 years before replacing it then lease might be an appropriate choice. but if there's any chance

how does a consumer know whether a purchase may be a good deal quizlet?

the key is to do some investigating before making a purchase. one of the most important things is to look for anything that may go on sale in the near future. if it might, then you should wait until the item goes on sale. also, when you buy something ask if they have any coupons or deals available for this product specifically, and compare these deals with an online coupon site or app like retailmenot. often times people forget about store specific discounts because they think that they only apply in stores which isn't always true!

which payment option could have interest charged to you quizlet?

choosing the option to charge your quizlet every month may have interest charged.

quizlet charges people their payment plans monthly by default, but there are other options for annual billing at reduced prices, or pay-as-you-go with no long term commitment. we do not accumulate or average our costs over the year so if you opt for an annual plan it won't save you any money in interest charges! the effect of choosing once a year means that the same person who pays $10/month over twelve months will be paying $100 in total in one day if they choose that option instead! it's best to go with monthly payments in this case.

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