Which of the following is an example of a direct good in the automobile industry?


it's a direct good… because it is a material used to create other goods.

which of the following is an example of direct materials cost for an automobile manufacturer? a….

the direct materials cost is the amount of money spent on raw materials to produce an automobile. some examples are cubes of metal, wire, rubber tires, glass for windows, leather or vinyl for seats. to answer your question directly – all these items are potential examples of direct materials costs in the production of an automobile.

question 8 which of the following is an example of direct materials cost for an automobile…

the automobile industry is an example of a(n):

a. monopolistically competitive market because it experiences economies of scale

b. monopolistically competitive market because firms in the automobile industry face an upward-sloping demand curve

c. an oligopoly because each firm must produce a large amount of output before it can achieve low average costs

d. an oligopoly for legal reasons

e. monopolistically competitive market for legal reasons

there are many features of the automobile industry that could be described as either positive or negative. for example, some would praise the safety standards required for all cars made in the united states, whereas others may criticize this rule because it makes cars sold in other countries seem unsafe by comparison.
what separates a good question from a bad one is whether it has clear criteria of what constitutes an answerable response. this is why car manufacturers answer these questions but journalists don't–car makers know their product whereas journalists will often have more of a personal opinion on the matter not related to any measurable data. journalists can never logically prove that they're correct without developing difficult-to-execute tests, rather than relying on assumptions and opinions backed by barely

which of the following is an example of direct materials

cost for an automobile manufacturer?


which of the following is an example of direct materials?

in the manufacturing process, the material from which a product will be made is called a “direct material.” in most cases, this would simply be steel or aluminum, but it could also refer to plastic for products that are plastic. you can think about money as being a “material” used in all sorts of processes! it turns out that any time you need money to make something happen, you're going to need some form of “money”. the value depends on what's being created – coins and bank notes have different values to one another. this phenomenon applies to workers too: they cost different amounts depending on things like their experience level. thats why there are jobs where

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