Who built the first automobile in america

Elias howe of massachusetts, in 1846.

who built the first american car?

henry ford.

henry ford built the first american car to be produced on assembly line, revolutionizing both industry and society throughout the world. it's no wonder that his production method would spread equally well- through international trade- to establish factories in countries all over the globe. and while many other auto manufacturers have risen since, none surpass the significance of mr. henry ford's genius endeavor whose revolutionary practices are still followed by many automotive companies today.'

when did henry ford create the first car?

the same year he turned 32.

henry ford's first car was created in 1896 – the same year he turned 32. data sources seem unclear on this, but it seems a pretty safe bet given his birth date of july 30th, 1863. he didn't invent the automobile so much as combine several good ideas to create an affordable machine that could be mass-produced and used across society for both utility and pleasure spending. this is obviously something we aren't likely to see happen again anytime soon with any sort of new technology!

who made the first car karl benz or henry ford?

karl benz.

who made the first american car in 1892?

in 1892, the duryea motor wagon was made by charles duryea and his brother frank.

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