Who developed the first automobile in the 1880s

The first automobile was developed by karl benz in 1885, although there had been previous attempts with steam and electricity powered cars.

who invented the car in the 1800s?

the first chain-driven three-wheeled vehicle with the engine located in the rear was designed by karl benz. the inventors were tobias, ernestine, and bertha benz. on december 10th 1886 they established the company that still bears their name. initially fabric bodies were made for these cars which could be hosed out like today's family saloon cars, back then even handtools had not yet reached production standards. but…in 1888 pferd & company opened up a manufactory in mannheim to make car bodies of pressed steel sheeting or wrought iron sheets riveted together to suit various requirements of chassis frames; this was one of the first accepted products of mass production which quickly made it possible to produce thousands of

who was responsible for the first automobile?

some have credited karl benz, a german inventor who developed a car that was subsequently patented in 1886.
bicycle mechanics evangelist and co-op owner paul edmunds credits the first one as being from steam powered by otto & langen. benz may have been the first to patent though it doesn't mean he was the first to invent. in any case, he takes two points for being so far ahead of everyone else!

for an interesting read about this subject, check out automotive trivia at http://www.automotivetrivia.net/automotive-history/who-invented-the-first-car ..search through their archives “first car” to find your answer!

who made the first car in 1898?

the first car created by detroit electric auto company was designed and built by henry ford.

specifically, the name of henry's car was the ” quadricycle “, which he created in 1896 after getting help from several engineers including peter e. martin, w. a. davis, c. i herrick and j h gray to refine his contrivance into something more practical than his previous one-loop crude model that could go only in circles–which is where it got its name, wasn't able to cover long distances or climb hills anyway without burning out its motor; but most importantly… henry wanted to make money on it!

who started the first automobile factory in america?

the first factory was built by ransom olds in 1901.

ransom olds, of course! mr. olds was an inventor and designer of “horseless carriages” involved with the automobiles industry from it's very beginnings. in 1899 he had formed a partnership with henry ford to create a motor chassis, called “oldsmobile.” in 1900, he sold his automobile business to general motors for $125,000 – that’s more than 3 million dollars today – and took up fruit farming in michigan.
in 1901, he decided to return to detroit and manufacture automobiles again after seeing how many vehicles were being imported from germany and england at the time. he bought a vacant plant on west jefferson

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