Who installs car radios


how much does it cost to install a car radio?

it can cost as little as $200 for a basic stereo system with cd player and under-dash location.
for more expensive and complex installations, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact amount because there are so many factors at play, such as the parts needed (radio, speakers, installation kit), the difficulty of installing those components in your car depending on where you want them mounted (hint: ceiling) and which cars you drive (this bit is really outside our scope because we just sell car stereos )
so i would plan on having about $300 – 500 if your installation takes less than one hour. anything past that will involve labor fees — usually around $75/hour nationwide — plus any additional equipment you need

does walmart install car stereos?

they do not install car stereos.

how much does best buy charge to install radios?

the cost for installing a car radio system starts at $188 and can go as high as $250, depending on the type of installation. this applies to vehicle installations only, not other electronics.

the cost for installing a car radio system typically ranges from $150-200 and includes labor and parts. additional installation fees may sometimes apply if cables must be run through your dashboard or console to connect electronics within the vehicle such as front and rear entertainment systems and dvd players. there is an additional fee of up to nearly one hundred dollars for this service depending on where your vehicle is located relative to the installer's original service area boundary lines.
equipment costs are separate from installation fees but are not included in our pricing estimate unless specified

does radio shack install car radios?

radio shack has a few skilled professionals who install car radios for a reasonable price. they do ask you to leave your vehicle so they can get to work more quickly, but that's for your benefit.

radio shack used to offer some service on installation of car electronics, but it no longer does while the company is in the process of reorganization. they're confident that once they've restructured and recapitalized their business model, this will again be an excellent value-add feature! in the meantime – or if you need any other parts or electronic goods – don't hesitate to give them a call at 1-800-wireshack (947 722 742).
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