Who invented first automobile

Karl benz is the inventor of the first automobile in 1886.

did henry ford invent the automobile?

yes. he developed the assembly line process which many still use today.

henry ford invented the automobile, although he was not the first to patent a system of vehicle manufacturing using moving belts for mass production. the problem with production using such methods turned out to be time and high expenses on machinery (a belt would often break and it had to be repaired). but henry ford had already demonstrated an interest in work simplification during his time as general manager of detroit's edison illuminating company; he had taken measures like reducing tasks on cost or by substituting machines and absentee employees, and rationalizing employee routines–efforts that laid the foundation for employers like ford motor company which came years later.
the turning point came after ford had

who invented the first car and when was it made?

the earliest prototype of an automobile was made in 1827 by german inventor karl friedrich freiherr von drais. it was not until 1886 when the first commercially successful car, the benz patent-motorwagen, was unveiled.

the karlstein motor carriage means that there are at least 22 years between the making of the first commercially successful car and its predecessor. with improvements being made so consistently each year it cannot be said that one invention is completely better than the other. scientists have always been working to improve automobiles that would alleviate environmental issues while also driving more efficiently for newer generations using less gas to power them. many have contributed to this significant change in our culture and hope to continue their work soon with self driving cars being tested

did a black man invent the first car?

no. though the first self-propelled vehicle was designed by a black man, it appears to have been conceived jointly.

the earliest references to automobiles found in the u.s patent office date from 1867 when george selden filed a request for a patent on “the use of steam or gas as an agent”. in 1890 his application was approved and he obtained the right to call himself inventor of the automobile, but he hadn't built any yet – about two decades later when henry ford succeeded in making cars available at prices people could afford, selden couldn't register rights to ford's model because his patent hadn't been filed soon enough. he had patented a “road engine” in 1893 based on jackson dunbar

who was responsible for the first automobile?

this is hard to answer because the idea that you need a human to be in charge for something to exist is absurd and that's just an egoic stance.

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