Who invented gasoline powered automobile

Karl benz

who invented the gasoline engine?

the first engine of any kind to be powered by petrol was an internal combustion engine built in 1854. it had no moving parts so it could not have been the gas-powered car, which didn't come until charles kettering invented the electric fuel injection system for cars in 1912.

according to most sources, early engines were developed by working on steam engines and started with something referred to as “explosion,” or what we now know as compression and ignition. although nicolas otto has also taken credit for inventing these things in the 1860s, the consensus is that it was herbert akroyd stuart who came up with what we think of today when he took a unit away from a steam engine and added a spark plug inside

when was the gasoline-powered engine invented?

“in 1863 a german-born u.s. inventor patented the internal combustion engine, which came to be known as the otto cycle.”

who invented the gas powered automobile in 1892?

where was the first gasoline-powered automobile made?

in 1887, gottlieb daimler and karl benz created the benz patent-motorwagen.

it was a 3/4 hp motor made from an omc “bone shaker” bicycle with parts cannibalized from several sources, fitted to a wooden buggy frame. it was slow and heavy because it used poor gears that often stuck–still, this was the first automobile. within 10 years, over 250 similar cars were sold in america alone. sometimes history really is written by the victors!

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