Who invented the very first automobile

For over 100 years, this is an important question that has yet to be answered.

automobiles in essence are not in any way new innovations. the very earliest models of automobiles were invented during the late 1800's and early 1900's when they were steam powered. it wasn't until 1886 (18 years before karl benz founded the company which still bears his name) when german inventor karl drais independently patented his own design for a motorcycle-like vehicle with four bicycle wheels, powered by foot pedals and featuring an electric motor for maximum speed of 10 km/hour (6 mph). this invention was known as “laufmaschine” or “running machine”, being faster than walking pace but not really

who bought the very first automobile?

it is possible that karl benz and bertha benz purchased the first, or one of the first cars on july 3, 1888. it becomes more likely that they did when we consider where and how they lived (now part of germany), and what karl and bertha were like as a couple who loved outdoor pursuits like hiking and cycling. there is also documented proof from witnesses to some sort of personal land transport machine created by mr. benz as early as 1879; but seeing as the machine cannot be found today, it seems unlikely it was ever sold commercially to another customer instead of simply used for experimentation by mr. benz himself.

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did henry ford invent the automobile?

yes, henry ford invented the automobile.

henry ford was an industrialist and the founder of the ford motor company. he is credited with ‘top down management' in that he looked at all tasks performed inside his company and systematically organized them into coherent groups with each group's manager reporting to him. this made for better communication between departments, which in turn led to improved production, lower costs per car (thus lowered prices), and higher profits.

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did a black man invent the first car?

several people have contributed to the idea of the first car. some say that adam jennings built t he first ever petrol-powered automobile in 1875, while some others say it was glasgow engineer walter alexander. one thing is for sure though, these men are both white..

quite a few people have contributed to the idea of the first car. some say boss adam jennings constructed t he initial working gasoline powered vehicle in 1875 whereas different individuals state its glasgow \ engineer walter hamilton. one point is totally obvious although– they're white people..

where was the automobile first invented?

in 1886, german engineer karl benz was granted a patent for his motorwagen.

the first automobile was invented in germany by karl benz with the patent being filed on january 29th of 1886. the invention took place at a time when steam-driven vehicles were gaining popularity and cars powered by gasoline engines were closely following suit, but it wasn't until benz's invention that a pedestrian form of transport had been established.
this paved the way to automobiles becoming commonplace from horse drawn carriages.
in addition to not having any horses or carriage associated costs, driving is also much faster than riding as an alternative mode of transportation – making this new invention highly attractive among most people who quickly adapted with its introduction throughout europe and north america

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