Who is largest automobile manufacturer

toyota's global presence spans more than 130 countries with regional headquarters on every continent except for antarctica. sales of new cars and trucks registered a year grew to about 9.7 million units last year from less than two million at the firm's founding 70 years ago. in 2010, according to industry figures-curated by research website iqcarbon -toyota manufactured nearly 8 million vehicles yielding some 10% of all motor vehicles built worldwide that year, just behind general motors' share of about 11%.

who is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world?

german automaker, daimler-benz.

daimler-benz is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world followed by japanese automaker, toyota, and alliance renault nissan. completing this prestigious trio is number four on the list of top 10 automobile manufacturers volkswagen ag.
the next time you see an audi, mercedes benz or any other luxury car you should know who manufactured it!
oftentimes people are drawn to either buying domestic or foreign automobiles according to their personal preference but it's important that they not only buy the car that speaks best for their lifestyle but also ensure there consideration all factors including cost of maintenance, available parts and warranty service before making a final decision. the last thing anyone wants to do is come

who is the largest car manufacturer in the us 2020?

not sure?

this is a question that i don't know enough about to answer. more information is needed for this.

who is the largest car manufacturer in the world 2021?

there is one company that has had more brands and made it into the top 10 on a consistent basis and that is gm and for the first time in years, its european division. chrysler group had shifted divisions to fiat in 2014 which will be absorbed by fiat in 2021. volkswagen was not far behind with vw brands rounding out the top 3; vw group included porsche, audi, seat etc. honda motor co ltd were also in contention to take up bronze medal position but hyundai-kia automotive group gave them a good run for their money with hyundai holding onto 4th place – both forecasting to finish strong at 2021 end of year report. there are other contenders like renault sa who owns nissan (5) among others or suzuki (

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