Who is the arrangement for automobile insurance between

The state of residence decides who the arrangement is between.
the state of residence will require the automobile insurance policy to be provided by an insurer authorized to do business in that state. if that insurer is not available, then any other company licensed to provide automobile insurance where that person is domiciled or principally operates a vehicle for more than 60 days per year shall also be accepted by the states. many people are required under their own company's policies to carry auto insurance with them wherever they go, but most people are not aware of this.

what type of contract specifies the terms of the insurance?

a life insurance contract is primarily an agreement between the individuals who form it and usually the company that sells the life insurance. the agreement typically refers to a type of financial plan in which money is saved up and set aside specifically to pay for anticipated future needs, such as education, retirement or death expenses.
a life insurance contract primarily specifies terms related to:
– premiums paid by both members and beneficiaries (usually monthly)
– types of coverage (life, group term, accidental death).
beneficiaries are those specified in the contract as those who will receive benefit payments after expiration of waiting period. there can be only one beneficiary on a policy at any given time; parents cannot be named as both beneficiaries and as ones

what is the company or agency that writes an insurance policy?

the company or agency that writes an insurance policy can vary on the type of policy. an individual policy might be written by the insurance carrier themselves, while a business-to-business insurer may have commissioned agents that are responsible for issuing policies to companies bidding on their products. so it really depends where you are looking. it may also be worth considering what differentiating features exist between products of one provider versus another to help identify their respective responsibilities at this point in time. for instance, some providers will send out offers via email to individuals corresponding with their personal rates for coverage risk. this practice is typically reserved for more risky customers who either have existing medical issues or put off buying insurance until they were already feeling sick – essentially getting pregnant

what is a contract between the individual and the insurer specifying the terms of the insurance arrangements?

a contract is an agreement made between two or more people to fulfill a particular action as per the condition.

every policy comes with a specific set of terms and conditions, so it's important that you know what those are before signing up for any insurance plan. to provide you with some peace of mind and protect both parties, we offer our clients emergency assistance in times of mental and physical crises and financial hardship by providing prompt coverage during unforeseen circumstances such as death, sickness absence from work or other specified contingencies.

what is the purpose of automobile insurance quizlet?

car insurance quizlet is a tool you can use to find a cheaper rate by seeing how your answers compare to others. if someone were to answer most questions the same way you did, their car insurance rates would likely be comparable. the goal with this type of system is not for each question to have one correct answer, but rather for information found on these quizzes site visitors can save money on their auto-insurance rates when they shop online. in many cases, customers have been able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars just from using this system when they purchased coverage from them!

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