Who is the biggest automobile maker in the industry

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who is the largest automobile maker in the world?

the largest automobile maker in the world is volkswagen.

volkswagen group is the world's second-largest automaker behind toyota motor company and ahead of general motors, though it ranks number one in europe, china and india. it is one of europe's most profitable companies. volkswagen also owns porsche, audi, seat, bentley, bugatti automobiles s.a., scania ab (trucks), lamborghini a.g., ducati motorcycles with directly controlled subsidiaries man se (engines for autobuses).
basically they are dominating the competition in most industries they partake in due to their vast array of resources which makes them a power house company with an even more diverse workload than many other auto manufactures. so

who is the largest american automobile manufacturer?

the automobile manufacturing in america is dominated by foreign companies. if you want to be specific, the largest manufacturer is toyota, followed by honda and nissan.

this industry has been very close with foreign companies in terms of the american auto manufacturers. there are a total of five major ones that include fiat chrysler automobiles (fca), ford motor company, general motors company (gm), daimler ag, and tesla inc. out of these five oems when it comes to production volume this year when comparing exports and imports, toyota will most likely be listed as number one winner because they export more vehicles than import and sell more cars and trucks in the u.s than any other foreign automaker does; they even made up 14%

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