Who made the first automobile

Ferdinand porsche

did henry ford invent the automobile?

henry ford was an ingenious inventor who made many contributions to the auto industry. he had more than 180 patents, although the world knows him best for his creation of the model t.
what can't be denied is that nearly everyone recognized how successful his designs were and copied them… but he still deserves credit for giving birth to an invention which redefined transportation worldwide.

who was the first person to invent cars?

karl benz

karl benz was the inventor of the first gas-powered, internal combustion engine automobile in 1885. at age 23 he filed a patent that would be granted in 1886 and then spent five years to design and build it. he started his business with just $20,000 in working capital and built motor cars until he died at age 77.

did a black man invent the first car?


it was william hamilton who built the first gas-powered, three-wheeled car in 1885. his invention preceded by several decades charles duryea's horseless carriage, often considered to be the first american automobile and first u.s commercial vehicle production. though duryea is said to have first expressed interest in building a horseless carriage as early as 1872, it wasn't until 1889 that he and his brother founded their company that produced america's first modern day cars. by then, many other inventors had already captured similar ideas such as george selden whose patent for the innovative patent of an “auto-carriage” was filed on may 8th, 1895– some 34 years after william

how did the first car look like?

the answer to that question really depends on what you're looking for! if you're more of a car enthusiast, then read more about the development of automotive technologies. to get started, go here linked ->

if you want something with more historical context, read this article ->

personally i think it looks like this (which is not an actual photo of the first car) –> https://funkyfreshstudios.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/car900x950-1.jpg

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