Who made the first car

A group of inventors and engineers, led by carl benz, engineer gottlieb daimler, and inventor nikolaus otto.

who manufactured car first?

karl benz designed and built the first motor vehicle in 1885. in 1886 he patented his invention as a “vehicle with locomotive engines.” clearly it is unclear who was the first to manufacture a car, but i'm going to give the answer to karl benz because he got his patent first, so it must have been him!

karl's motorcar had steel-rimmed wooden wheels and a special engine of his own design which used ignition via a hot tube or one of spill oil lamps. a year later he founded what would become one of germany's most successful companies for this type of product – mercedes-benz.
details about damage from fuel leaks were not mentioned in benz' patent application, surprisingly enough! he likely

did henry ford invent the car?

actually, many different people invented the car.
some inventors who played key roles in its invention include karl benz, nikolaus otto, gottfred ludmer, edward butler and siegfried marcus.
henry ford is among the most well-known of all automobile pioneers for his successful company ‘ford motor company’ specializing in automobiles and trucks. he also held over 180 patents for his innovative ideas.
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he's famous because he had one of the world's largest impact on that industry through innovation where he made cars faster and easier to use by using simple

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