Who made the gremlin automobile

The gremlin automobile was designed jointly in 1973 by american motors corporation (amc) in kenosha, wisconsin, and the renault division of france's citroën.

the gremlin was introduced in july 1970 to compete with japanese imports. partnered under the amc-renault joint venture formed in 1967, this vehicle sold reasonably well until 1974. in 1975 it switched to a hatchback body an appeared to get back on track when americans were looking for economical cars such as vw's rabbit.

unfortunately just three years later gm increased car prices $3000 which helped send the economy into decline and forced many united states companies into bankruptcy – including amc and renault – thus sealeding the fate of this once very popular vehicle

is the amc gremlin a muscle car?

that is a complicated question without an easy answer. muscle cars are usually defined by having a specific number of features – large engine size, 2 doors, low profile design, often with no creature comforts except for power steering and brakes. the 1970 amc gremlin has all of those elements but also some serious flaws in the design that make it incompatible with typical muscle car requirements. so while there are some people who would say yes, others might disagree because they have different definitions of what constitutes a muscle car.

the only way to provide an answer that everyone can agree on is to define “muscle car” first and then look at the emblematic example before discussing whether or not the 1970 amc gremlin falls into this classification

how much does a gremlin car cost?

a gremlin car ranges from $1,440 to $2,290. in the 3rd quarter of 2015, a gremlin car increased in price by 7%.

generally, the cost depends on the type of transmission and engine you have selected. currently, a 2dr hardtop with a 4-speed manual transmission has a base price of $1,440 while a 4dr convertible with an automatic transmission has a base price of $3,700.
in most cases when taking into account collision insurance cost for your current vehicle versus possible crashes or major damage that may occur during this time period it will typically be cheaper to rent one due to safety issues within hiring one just for wedding purposes versus if someone is

why was the amc gremlin a bad car?

the amc gremlin's front end was made to look like a grinning mouth. it had two headlights on either side of the grille, where the teeth would be in a smile.

parts for replacements were hard to come by, but parts weren't its only issue. it had rather weak engine performance which resulted in sluggish performance that left drivers disappointed. when gas prices went through the roof in 1978 because of its limited fuel efficiency, people began driving them less and less giving way for more infamous models which led to its discontinuation after only three years on american roads.

how much is a amc gremlin worth?

(explain the condition and its worth)

when first introduced, the amc gremlin was one of the most popular subcompact cars in north america due to its low price. the car is typically worth around $300-$400 without any major mechanical problems or damage.

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