Who made the yugo automobile

The company yugo was founded in 1976 and ceased production in 1992.
damage to the industry had been considerable thanks to sanctions on yugoslavia that were introduced by the united nations after 1990, which reduced yugoslav export potential. this, compounded with a succession of ill-judged marketing decisions and an over-ambitious self distribution plan set out by citroen put paid to this wonderful car.
the end.

what country made the yugo car?

the yugo car was manufactured by the zastava company in serbia. it is estimated that less than 40,000 yugos were produced before production ceased in 2008 following huge bankruptcies and years of declining profitability throughout its run.

the zastava company began producing vehicles as early as 1951, using volkswagen engine technology. under audi's guidance, production at zastava shifted away from vehicles to focus solely on their military vehicles after 1991; the market crashed shortly thereafter for this industry. this led to serbian president slobodan milosevic imposing trade sanctions on zastava, which hastened its downfall. production foundered throughout 1999-2003 but through bankruptcy proceedings (among other things) there was still a small-scale production

who designed yugo?

yugo was designed by a serbian automobile engineer, dušan otašević.

why is yugo the worst car?

the yugo is the cheapest car on the market, and although it was marketed as possessing a “no frills” design philosophy that would appeal to cost-conscious consumers, many mechanical aspects were ignored. the company went bankrupt in 1988 (the yugo didn't go into production until 1985), but after its release, several people were killed due to accidents with high-speed impacts because of problems with the yugo's basic construction―a front frame/bulkhead design made of 16 longitudinal steel rails or channels riveted together.

alloy panels and welded seams weren't used and welding wasn't an essential part of production; instead, lack of knowledge about welding led to only spot welding every third row of pieces together.

how much is a yugo worth?

the yugo is a car from the 1980s known for its unreliable engine, clutchless manual gearbox, and an asking price of only $3,990 when it was sold in america. over five years later in 2005, a yugo gv model with a stick shift was listed on ebay with only 5 miles on the odometer and received bids up to $70k or more.

most owners realized that these cars would not last very long mechanically and were going to run into problems often. especially given the price tag they were being offered for! in retrospect, they are worth more than what most people paid for them.

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