Who makes duracell car batteries

jump to duracell's “who we are” page for more information.

are duracell automotive batteries any good?

i honestly have no idea. every time i need an automotive battery, my dad just goes out on the old side of town and picks one up for me on his lunch break.

you know what they say about not trusting reviews you can't verify yourself. what's the one thing that everyone is so obsessed with chronicling their entire life? that's right-their cell phone battery life! pretty much anytime you're using your smartphone it records how long its battery lasted in a specific context (more often social media). if people were really concerned about duracell batteries, we would see them documenting this regularly to compare brands and share experiences; but because we don't see this kind of info regularly shared, it means duracell

who makes duracell car batteries for sam's club?

duracell accu.

are duracell car batteries made by deka?

it's very likely.

duracell is a deka company, so it's very likely they use duracell to manufacturer their batteries.

in case your question wasn't clear– the answer is no, duracell does not manufacture its own car batteries. even if duracell was behind the production of each and every deka battery ever made, there would still be plenty of “deeka” on them because that company was clever enough to buy the rights to use its own name after changing ownership in 1976. provided this is true my suspicion now falls with exxon mobil or some other large conglomerate now owning both companies combined due to subsequent acquisitions over time !!! – duane nicklaus fratianne

what battery brands are made by east penn?

east penn manufactures batteries in the united states for automotive, light-vehicle and heavy-duty truck, marine and industrial applications.

east penn offers innovations in technology including optimized electrolyte solutions (oes) and platinum group metal (pgm) to enhance performance such as higher capacity, faster recharge rates and longer service life. the company is iso9001:2015 certified to ensure quality – no matter which battery it produces or provides service for.

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