Who makes genesis car

From a cursory search, it appears that hyundai motor company is a major manufacturer of the genesis.
the hyundai motor company also manufactures kia motors and this company produces both suv's and luxury cars. they produce cars that are affordable for customers with diverse interests. the hyndai motor company produces reliable vehicles that are designed with safety in mind.
hyundai has an advanced manufacturing technique that prevents scratches on doors, bumpers, mirrors, tires etc., eliminating the need for exterior coatings to cover them up before delivery.
hyweilian corporation co., ltd is now one of the larger manufacturers of metals in korea after ssangyong was merged into this company in 1995 under chung ju-yung's guidance to

who makes the genesis brand?


toyota created the genesis brand to differentiate their luxury cars from their more mainstream models. the first car under the new branding released will be called the g90, and will go on sale in korea later this year with a starting price of 680 million won ($652,219).
a bold strategy for sure – but one that seems well designed to bring new customers into their portfolio without cannibalising sales of other lines at any given time. all in all it's an interesting development worth watching.
– brian wong

are genesis cars any good?

they are not any worse or better than the average car.

who owns genesis motors?

genesis motors is an automobile company based in seoul, korea.

the genesis line of automobiles is the new luxury brand of hyundai motor group under hyundai kia automotive group. the genesis logo pictured illustrated can be seen implemented across all models of cars by the group's brands, with exceptions for newest models including the g90 and g80.

originally founded in 1973 as geo engineering office, this was renamed later to kia motor company in 1983 at a time when it also formed a joint venture with general motors called general motors-kia industry holding company. in 1992 it got spun off from gm completely and became kia group holdings which now encompasses a number of auto companies not just limited to genesi motors but parts manufacturers as

where is genesis cars manufactured?

they are manufactured in india.

genesis was made by hyundai motor group and although it is surely not their best-known model, it still manages to be quite popular. the company first opened its doors to the public in 2008, and made waves at first with their g80 luxury sedan which is a rear-wheel drive designed engineered for luxury and practicality; all the while making sure that they had some muscle too as this car has as much as 420 hp of power under its hood. perhaps this would make for a nice little family vacation route. it's also one of those rare models where you can't go wrong if your budget is limited since there are some models available even for those who don't have the means of spending

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