Who makes lexus automobile

Lexus is a luxury automaker.

lexus, toyota's luxury division, was created to produce highly engineered automobiles which offer an experience on the highest level of quality and reliability; moreover, lexus has also focused on the fact that due to their attention to detail and innovation that these vehicles will be environmentally friendly. to wit: lexus uses lead-free paint and saline supply water for cooling – this water doesn't release chlorine gas into the environment because it's not chlorinated at all. this means that they're one of several pioneering manufacturers who've resisted pricey equipment upgrades by adopting such innovative practices as more advanced manufacturing materials/techniques and more reliable cost-saving designs. on top of all this, they continue to research

are lexus and toyota engines the same?

of course not. lexus and toyota engines are completely different. in fact, the owners manual for a lexus car might even recommend a different type of oil for an engine change than what's recommended in a toyota.

is a lexus as reliable as a toyota?

yes, a lexus is as reliable as a toyota.

lexus and toyota are sister car brands. they share a lot of quality features with their cars, including rigorous testing of airbags and other safety technologies to ensure they’re safe.
they also have the same ten-year/100k mile powertrain warranty on all engines and transmissions that weren’t repaired or replaced for reasons beyond the owner’s control that was installed at the factory by lexus or toyota.
in short, your lexus will be just as reliable as any toyota – if it isn't already even more so!

does toyota make lexus cars?

toyota manufactures lexus, but does not make them. once a lexus is manufactured, it's then sold to other dealerships or other automobile manufacturers that specialize in marketing and distributing luxury vehicles.

the catch was that toyota had been building cars for other companies under contract from the early 1900s until after world war ii, when they began marketing their own passenger cars, which were marketed under the toyopet name until 1955 when a global expansion led them to develop the corona model line of automobiles and rename their company toyota. in 1959 toyota decided to sell quality cars within japan by following henry ford’s strategy of producing only one type hit car per year while keeping engineering expenses low.
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is a lexus a good car?

a lexus is a good car overall. the es is the best-selling luxury sedan in america, which says something about their quality. they're often not cheaper because of what it takes to manufacture them–over 50% goes into research and development for each vehicle, double that of other automakers ($4 billion).

lexuses are always well-designed. the suspension makes sure you feel every bump in the road without getting uncomfortable. as someone who deals with this kind of stuff all day long, i know how important suspension is–you spend longer on your backside than any other part of your body! honda could learn a thing or two from the way lexus designers think about comfort–don't get me started on

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