Who makes the bugatti automobile

Bugatti is a french manufacturer of exclusive sports cars. the company was founded in 1909 as ettore bugatti's automobiles manufacturing company s.a.s., and made by ettore, his son jean, and jean's son roland bugatti as president.[2] in the 1990s, the company was acquired by italian entrepreneur romano artioli[3] who became chairman. in 1998 artioli sold the company to volkswagen ag.[4]
in 1998, volkswagen agreed to sell at least 15% of stock through a public offering on one of its subsidiary companies that could then listed on the borsa italiana or included in a third-market listing,[5][6] but volkswagen later

is bugatti a french or italian car?

bugatti is a french luxury carmaker that produces luxurious, high-performance cars.

the name “bugatti” comes from dr. ettore bugatti, an italian engineer and founder of the company as his son was born in italy. however the employees at bugati have always been from france with some italians being employed as technicians. all of those who had influence on the design of a car had a hand in shaping it be it an italian poster maker, a french textile designer or an english engineer – they all had to go through paris first. so while technically registered as an italian company whose founder served as its head until 1966, today no one nationality can claim responsibility for the development and construction of these extraordinary vehicles without mention

where are bugatti cars manufactured?

the bugatti automobile company was formally owned by italian entrepreneur and sportsman romano artioli from 1976 to 1987. throughout the years, the brand has been under different directorship and merged with companies like volkswagen and ahlstrand (makers of oyster watches and jewelry). at present, bugatti is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of german car manufacturer audi.

only about 2000 -3000 units per year are produced by this company due to it's exclusive nature as well as experiencing initial financial struggles. although production for its cars may not be as high as other makers such as volkswagen or general motors. it is worth noting that not all of their models have made it successfully into the market place, however those models which

who owns the brand bugatti?

until recently, the owner of bugatti was volkswagen ag, but the company is currently under bankruptcy protection. it has been rumored that volkswagen plans to sell off their brands later this year, so it's possible tur tur will be its new owners.

a brand is nothing more than a group of products which are perceived by consumers as related in some way because they carry the same name or other identifying feature. if you own one product bearing your brand name , legally, you should own all other products with the same branding combination (unless it's subsequently cancelled or licensed). so either bugatti retains its original rights-holder (i.e., vw turns around and buys out an additional part of itself) or else someone else takes ownership.

who builds bugatti?

bugatti automobiles s.a.s

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