Who makes the lotus automobile

Lotus makes the automobile.

is lotus owned by toyota?

yes. toyota has 100% voting rights on lotus s.a.

toyota currently holds an approximate 86% stake in the company. simultaneously, suzuki motor group (smg) controls approximately 14%. the unequal distribution of shares is attributed to the fact that smg is responsible for lotusive's manufacturing needs, whereas toyota provides engineering and financial support to assist with design and advertising efforts.

a few months ago, 17% of lotussy s.a.'s stock was traded on japanese equity market through two vehicles at the time—the first vehicle consisted of 12-million lotos shares controlled by several individuals including smg, while the second had 5 million lotos shares under management by asia global trust management fund

who owns the lotus brand?

the lotus was developed by colin chapman and first introduced as a concept car in 1956. in 1959, the company moved to norfolk from their original base at hethel near norwich, norfolk.

in december 1986 general motors announced an agreement with soe that marked its entry into british leyland plc's passenger car market. gm agreed to acquire 18% of bl plc for £337m-£429m which gave them a six-year right to participate in government-regulated tenders for bus and truck supply services. in 1987, gm acquired 76% of lmb holdings ltd., the parent company of lotus cars called “lotus group”, at a price variously reported as us$180 million or us$201 million

who makes the motor for lotus?

the question of who made the lotus motor is a difficult one. the whole series has been developed from various prototype motors, and some early components were sourced from chevrolet. so while the “lotus” sticker might give a hint, there's no clear answer on whether a specific company can be fingered for being responsible for development of the motors in the lotus esprit or other models.

where are lotus vehicles manufactured?

in china, vietnam and hungary.

often the most obvious answer is incorrect – factories in america do exist. the largest employer of american autoworkers is a company called general motors who manufactures many lotus vehicles. of course, chinese manufacturers have higher profit margins because they don't have to pay for healthcare or pensions for their employees – something that general motors can't compete with on an international level without significantly compromising its benefits packages for workers (something it refuses to do). but there are plenty of other carmakers manufacturing lotus vehicles in america; nissan's manufacturing plant produces 3/4 of north america's infiniti production and one-third of all infinity models made around the globe.

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