Who owns the most expensive car in the world

That is impossible to answerbecause of the difference in what different people are willing to spend on a car.

who is the owner of the most expensive car in the world?

the bugatti chiron is arguably the most expensive car. it costs $3.4 million and has an 8 liter quad-turbocharged w16 engine with seven speed dual clutch transmission plus four-wheel drive which produces 1,500 hp.

the restographer's “bugatti 18 that weighs just 700kg” is also extremely elegant and innovative with its sewing machine that helps take care of seat problems, toaster or blender hidden in the center console for any customer preferences, electric car to help push the car out if it gets stuck on sand dunes… but alas, these are not yet operational cars because it seems like they are still under construction.

who own the most expensive car in the world 2021?

ferrari la ferrari
the one with the most expensive car in the world in 2022 is expected to be the letv. the letv has yet to be released globally, but it's said to hit showrooms in china at 1.3 million u.s. dollars apiece–263 times what a traditional budget car would cost.
lamborghini aventador roadster – 6950000$
bugatti chiron – 22630000$
ferrari la ferarri 2020 supercar – 12000000$
jaguar project 8 2019 supercar- 7900000$
mclaren speed triple sr 2019 racing car- 7500000$$$
bentley bentayga w12 2019 suv-

who owns the most car in the world?

carlos ghosn, chairman and ceo of renault-nissan

his net worth is currently at $5.8 billion usd, down from his previous net worth of 8.6 billion because nissan sales dropped thanks to the apple disaster in 2007. he owns 55% of the company, making him one extremely rich dude who knows everything about cars – including how to make them produce more emissions for less mileage. he also has a taste for luxury cars with his fleet consisting of ferrari's, porsches, maserati's…
ghosn enjoys eating ice cream sundaes and walking on ice without breaking it. the world should be grateful that carlos is out there giving us all something to aspire to be like! mark

which car is no 1 in world?

choosing the ‘best' car is a matter of opinion. rather than ask which car is number one, it's a better idea to figure out what you're looking for and then determine where that vehicle falls in line on your list. every list has a certain bias. some reviewers may favor audi over tesla while others may not consider audi due to low gas mileage. reviewers might also subtract points for style or fuel economy depending on their preferences – both things that are incredibly important to some people and unimportant to others.

the best way to decide what constitutes “the best”for any two individuals will always be different—so there's no single answer where everyone can agree unanimously or get hung up in semantics arguing about

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