Who towed my car

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how do i locate a towed car?

in some cases, private companies will operate on a “finders keepers” basis. in this situation you would want to contact the tow company and set up a time and place to pay. many tow companies have 24-7 emergency service numbers listed in the phone book. however, sometimes that is not possible or if it was a public agency then they may use different methods for payment of fees depending on the country. in some cases you will need to work out arrangements with the person who towed your car from where it was parked illegally. if you can't find them for contact information, call your local police station and ask about what happened to your car when it was towed by request of law enforcement officers or by any other means

how do i find my towed car in atlanta?

if you have a vin number, we can open up our entire database and quote you on the price for this.
we require that our tow truck drivers provide an accurate location for dropping off your car- if they do not provide one somewhere within 1 mile of where it was towed from, we may revoke their privileges. if there's no charge to find your car- then someone should be able to find it because anyone who is licensed can search in this database system at https://www.towalerts.com/ and view the information about your vehicle and drop off location after registering with towalerts llc online at http://www.towalertsllc.com/.
additionally, while we always ask for

how much does it cost to get a car out of impound in georgia?

it can cost up to $800 to get a car out of impound in georgia. the fee depends on how long the car has been in impound and what laws were violated when it was driven in georgia.

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