Who was the first american automobile manufacturer

who was the first car manufacturer in america?

h.r. lee and then general motors

what were the first american car brands?

ford and chevrolet have been two of the earliest american auto brands.

the ford model t was sold to a wider audience than any cars before. model t production started in 1908, and by 1928 over 7 million had been sold…here's a look-back to how this car changed america: http://www.uniquecarsandparts.com/fordmodelt1911191319151–unique-car-partsyahoo!mkt6540x4529/brand/100098906

in 1911, chevrolet released their corvetttes which still make up today's corvette models today. general motors also purchased chevrolet in 1918 to be part of an association with its many other brands such as buick

what is the oldest car company in the usa?


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