Who was the first automobile manufacturer

The automobile was invented in 1886 by german engineers, karl benz and gottlieb daimler. they are jointly credited with invention of the petrol-powered automobile. the first company to mass produce cars was ford motor company. as of october 2008 the largest automaker in the world is toyota motor corporation followed by general motors corporation.

who is the oldest car manufacturer?

fiat has been making cars since 1899, so it's the oldest car manufacturer.

this means that it is possible to take a rare car from 1909, and still put modern components in it because the company was still alive when those components were made. other old manufacturers include general motors and ford motor company which both started in 1908 and volkswagen who began in 1937. this list does not count companies which stopped production after say five or fewer years such as pierce-arrow or packard.

what was the first american car company?

the first american car company as we think of one as a single manufacture that produces cars, was probably ford.

ford was founded on june 16th, 1903 by henry ford and eleven engineers. it produced the world's first affordable automobile to be sold for $ 999 called the model-t in 1908. at peak production, they were producing 6–8 thousand cars per day which led to their slogan “any color so long it is black”.

who were the original car makers?

henry ford, karl benz, and gottlieb daimler.

in 1885- henry ford started his company assembling the detroit motor company that would later become the most popular american automobile manufacturer. in 1886-karl benz created a gas powered 3 wheeled vehicle that is often considered to be the first automobile. in 1892- gottlieb daimler designed a car with a 4 cylinder engine and became one of germany's top smiths at inventing engines for cars.

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