Why are car meets illegal

the answer starts off by explaining how car meets are currently becoming more dangerous –giving less professional reasons– then continues into the downplays of these types of events before finally sprinkling in some encouragement that may help someone continue this hobby.

even if you're just taking part in a meet-up solo, there's always the risk that you'll be pulled over by police because officers

what are illegal car meets called?

car meets are not illegal, but some people may consider them to be because of the environment. they are gatherings of car enthusiasts where they discuss their interest in automobiles. unfortunately, due to the nature of these events there also seems to be a higher concentration of illegal activity related to cars which make it risky for many people who go.

what is the point of a car meet?

car meets are a popular social activity among car enthusiasts, and it's common to see them at big events like the woodward dream cruise.
car meets can be an exciting way for like-minded vehicle owners and drivers to meet and discuss cars with others who share this interest. special events such as shows or cruises often bring many people together in one location; however, any old parking lot will work if you're willing to organize yourself.

issues that might come up with searching out a new place to go might include meeting place fees (parking garage, downtown street closures), the availability of security personnel (clubs), adequate seating space for those who want to stand and chat comfortably, unavailability of food or refreshments on

are car meets legal in california?


registration requirements vary by state, but ca law is simple enough on the point of vehicle registration. basically, if you are driving a car that is registered in your name or that belongs to someone else who gave you permission to use it, then you do not need registration for your motorcycle.
ca vehicle code §24750(a): “a person shall not operate a motorized scooter upon a highway unless the person holds a valid driver's license.” scooters are always prohibited on freeways with posted speeds over 55 mph-regardless of whether the operator holds an appropriate license or not. ca vehicle code §23116 says there is no requirement for licensing related to freeway access points unless freeway signs say otherwise (i

how do i make friends on meet car?

you just need to be friendly and approachable to other members. that will net you new friends in no time. it is impossible to make a friend without also giving one away, so don't try too hard and you'll see the results happen naturally.

you want to meet new people? find groups of people who share your interests or feelings, and go participate in what they do. meetup is a good way to find out about all sorts of different events happening locally that are related to whatever your interests are. be proactive — don't wait for an invitation! perpetual “event planners” are always looking for someone else's carefully crafted event plan with which they can collaborate…in case anything falls through the cracks of their

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