Why did the automobile have a major impact on the united states in the twenties

The automobile had a major impact on the united states in the 1920s largely because people were looking for an inexpensive mode of transportation. the lack of paved roads and sidewalks to get around provided a significant obstacle for many city dwellers, especially if they did not own horses or bicycles.
for those who wanted something that could move them faster than walking but with less overhead and noise than trains and trolleys, then by all means they should buy a car. thus we see the street urchins making good use of their carts as taxis, which becomes hugely profitable once cars become popular enough to generate business day and night – it's no accident that the iconic yellow cabs appeared at this time as well as emerging black car services such as

why did the automobile have a major impact on the united states in the 1920's?

with the automobile, people were able to move from the country into the city. a few thousand riders a day in new york city quickly translated into millions of new lifetime residents by 1920. in this way, it changed entire lifestyles for many americans who had been living on farms or in small towns.

it also freed up space – something which couldn't be taken for granted before cars came along because streets were typically congested with horse-drawn vehicles and pedestrians alike. the number of automobiles in england has more than tripled in the last 20 years, so congestion is becoming an increasing problem there too!

how did the automobile impact the 1920s?

cars have become a staple of our society, with its benefits being largely accepted by many. they are seen as something that is necessary for one's day-to-day life. and because cars are so widespread in the nations of earth, there are fewer people on foot which has led to an increase in land use efficiency – meaning less land needed for transportation projects and more space available for other uses.

furthermore, owning and driving a car has also changed consumer lifestyles and buying behaviors. with the increasing use of cars for traveling shorter distances like to work or school, people no longer carry their groceries anymore; they buy them instead from supermarkets which often come with large free parking lots not too far away from where they live (convenient).

what was the impact of the automobile on life in the united states in the 1920s quizlet?

the automobile has had a major impact on life in the united states. in the 1920s, the automobile was seen as a symbol of modernization, from being referred to as “the machine” or “auto mobile” to frequently being called “electricity on wheels”. as automobiles replaced many modes of transportation, it led to suburban sprawl and also polluted cities with smog. automobiles have contributed significantly to american culture over the course of their history in america.

how and why did the automobile become so popular in the 1920s?

the automobile rapidly became popular in the 1920s because of three key factors.

the cost to produce automobiles was becoming less expensive as technology continued to improve, enabling more companies to invest in production which increased competition between automakers. almost all cars were now made by assembly line techniques where construction could be broken down into work steps. by 1925, 60% of all cars sold had cost $550 or less- a price point within reach for the average american household. the last factor is arguably the most important because social structures were also changing at this time due to what's generally called “the great migration”. large populations of low-income americans migrated from rural areas to urban cities throughout this decade looking for jobs that weren't available back home. they

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