Why do we need automobile insurance

First and foremost, auto insurance is a legal responsibility. all 50 states require automobile owners to carry liability insurance in the event of an accident for which they are at fault. typically, state laws also mandate minimum amounts of coverage for bodily injury and property damage liability. more often than not, these mandatory limits will not suffice in covering all losses resulting from a single accident. in these cases, the driver's own assets may be tapped to cover continual medical bills or replace future lost wages from work missed because of injuries from wrecks caused by that driver's negligence or willful misconduct.

why do we need auto insurance?

auto insurance is a requirement in many states. it's a social contract backed by the state, protecting you and other people from any liability if you cause damages to another person or their property while driving your car.
auto insurance carriers may offer discounts to customers sure of their driving ability who propose themselves as less risky (e.g., insureds with specific traffic violations such as speeding or dwi) and make use of safety features like seat belts and airbags – making them less likely to suffer an accident – lowering your auto rates without compromising on coverage.

insurance companies adjust prices based on several criteria we take into account when charging for coverage: past driving records, number and type of claims, general risk status (e.g

what are 3 reasons you need auto insurance?

-you'll need auto insurance if you have an accident or if your car is stolen.
-if you're in a car accident without auto coverage, your medical bills will come out of your own pocket.
-the most common reason that people file for bankruptcy is because of unpaid vehicle repairs combined with job loss — having auto insurance can help protect against this situation.

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