Why does my car accelerate slowly when i press the gas

The feeling of acceleration falls mostly on the press of the gas pedal (gas is an expression of kinetic energy) and provide no force with respect to acceleration. the engine has to do all the work here.
when you push your foot on the gas, it opens up the throttle, which increases air passing through either a carburetor or fuel injection system; that's what provides more power to reach higher rpms (revolutions per minute). as higher rpms are reached, manifold vacuum starts increasing as well.
this increase in vacuum is picked up by a sensor mounted under your car's intake plenum called an accelerator position sensor (or aps), which converts manifold vacuum levels into mechanical movement so that

what causes a car to have slow acceleration?

there are many potential causes for a car to have slow acceleration. the most common is when the engine is not getting enough fuel because of a faulty fuel injector or airflow problem. but there may also be an issue with spark plugs, ignition coils, distributor cap, or other related systems that can cause this symptom. it's important to get your car checked by a professional who has experience with vehicle diagnostic issues to find out what caused your symptoms and what repairs will be required in order to avoid repeat episodes in the future.

when i press the gas my car goes slow?

you may have a vacuum leak or low transmission fluid.

when your engine is running, the manifold moves closer to the pistons and exerts more force on them. as you press on the gas pedal, it's shortening that distance that runs between those two components of the vacuum system (electrical & mechanical), that powers various things such as airflow through your motor, giving your car more acceleration. your vehicle will go slower when there is a leak in either the brake booster membrane, pressure lines from intake manifold port to throttle body or around electrical/mechanical portions of valve system due to loss of circulation and vacuum transfer at high speeds.

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