Why does my car shake when idling

When the engine idles too high, it's naturally put under more stress for long periods of time. this will wear down your car much quicker than if you were to drive regularly. it also could be a sign of a possible new vehicle issue that needs looking into!

i am a licensed mechanic and i typically recommend getting the problem checked out by a professional as this is going to be one of two major things that cause shake on idle, but both generally have experts available who can diagnose the problem quickly and cheaply so don't worry!
-if an injector is bad or there are other issues with necessary fuel delivery, you'll often feel this shake when driving as well. if you've been driving regularly

why does my car vibrate when idling?

there are many reasons as to why a car might start vibrating when idling. it could be as simple as some loose bolts on the motor or even some plastic bracket that was not bolted on securely. it could be something more serious and you should take your vehicle into a mechanic to diagnose the problem.

why does car shake when stopped?

it has to do with the fact that cars are machines, and when one part is out of balance, it causes vibrations in the rest. your car's engine is one of these imbalanced parts. when your car gets off-balance, its rotational forces then shake your car's engine at certain frequencies.
seems like you're not very mechanical savvy! allow us to explain with an example: if i were to put a glass on my desk and push it back and forth about every half inch over periods of several minutes, after enough time it would stop making any sound–instead all you would hear was the sound of air moving past the glass. well this “magical silence” happens because each time you move the

what causes car engine to shake?

there are many different causes to a car engine shaking. some of the most common reasons include:
-too little gasoline in the gas tank.
-the transmission fluid may not be checked and, if necessary, replaced which can cause vibrations that will shake the car.
-numerous mechanical problems such as shocks or steering issues may contribute to engine rattling and shaking. if one is experiencing this problem, visiting a mechanic is recommended for diagnosis and repair advice.
-fast road curves often lead to snaking back and forth which creates instability which can also create shaking! the same applies when going over bumps or sudden changes in acceleration and makes hairpin turns at high speeds hazardous for an unsteady vehicle without extreme caution

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