Why is my car accident settlement taking so long

There are many reasons that could be slowing down the settlement process.
one possibility is that your lawyer may have submitted an incomplete form to the insurance company, asking for more information about how you were injured during the accident. another possibility is that you need to provide more records of physical therapy sessions or medical records in order for them to evaluate your claim accurately. you can also request a claim summary, which will outline your accident claim status and tell you what's still outstanding to be completed before they're able to pay out a settlement.

the important thing is not get disheartened because a lot of people take a few months just following up with their insurance company before getting their full compensation for damages caused by an automobile collision due to processing

why does it take so long to settle a car accident claim?

the time it takes to settle a car accident claim varies widely depending on the type of claim and the severity of your injuries.

a bodily injury, such as an auto accident, typically settles much more quickly than damages for property damage or economic loss. if we assume that we're speaking about a property damage or economic loss dispute, then settlements can take anywhere from 4 months to 20 years. one has to consider what threshold you will accept before claiming permanent disability and how many mini-trials might ensue before coming to an agreement regarding settlement (note: this would be for cases where both parties are arguing their point). and one has to consider things like inflation rates.
complications could include how whether the dispute is governed by state

how long do car injury settlements take?

the process of settling will depend on where the person lives and what type of injuries they have endured. if an individual is in illinois, for example, then claims must be filed within 2 years after the injury takes place.

settlements can take anywhere from one to six months or longer if complicated evidence is involved or need to approach settlement negotiations with multiple parties. often times, people are ready to settle earlier but lawyers up because it's not a smart move–this could make them not get as much money as they would otherwise be entitled to. but again, this all depends on how complicated your case might be.

how much should i expect from my car accident settlement?

compensation is related to severity of injuries.

the more severe the injury, the higher the settlement will likely be. serious injuries, such as full loss of use of one arm or serious brain damage can result in a very significant compensation package that would cover all future medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and lost wages for decades into the future. if somebody was driving without insurance coverage at the time of an accident they could also face criminal charges if there was enough evidence supporting this charge. this may result in even greater punishment than just paying for damages done during an accident.
a car accident under most circumstances usually involves property damage over $2000 worth of injury or death so it's important to ask your lawyer about what you can get back from your insurance

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