Why is my car shaking when i accelerate

When driving a manual-transmission vehicle and accelerating too hard, the problem could stem from either the engine or the transmission. the shaking will continue until you let off of the gas pedal.

what causes a car to shake when you accelerate?

if the tires are worn, old, or at a low pressure you're risking a vibration that may feel like a shake.

if the suspension clunks on hard turns and is sagging then there's probably something wrong with your shocks or springs. check for loose lug nuts on your wheels too since they could be rattling around. crests in the road can also cause this shaking as you pass over them if there might be any dips hiding underneath as well as dangerous potholes near intersections which some drivers don't always notice during their commute morning or evening rush hour periods.

some shocks will make it feel like your car is leaping from side to side or “bumps” left and right each time it passes over larger

why does my car vibrate when i press the gas pedal?

the reason your car might vibrate is because something in the engine is off balance, or the timing chain needs to be repaired.
see our guide on “what can cause vibrations when i press the gas pedal” for more information.

can transmission cause car to shake?

yes. as your car's suspension system is tuned, a change in a vehicle's center of gravity can cause its vibration or shaking.
furthermore, the construction and composition of some vehicles will more easily transmit felt vibration through the suspension to anyone sitting in an interior passenger compartment while driving on unpaved surfaces such as gravel roads.

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