Why is my car shaking when i drive

We would recommend you visiting a car mechanic to diagnose the issue and get it checked out.

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is it safe to drive when your car is shaking?

driving a car with a shaky steering wheel could lead to unsafe driving conditions, which can result in unwanted road hazards.

some of the possible reasons for seeing shaking on the steering wheel include low air pressure in tires, loose wheels, bad shock absorbers or suspension parts, and flexing caused by worn engine mounts. to avoid any situations that may put you or others at risk, please contact your nearest mechanic to investigate these possible causes.

what do you do when your car shakes while driving?

mechanics use tools such as a vehicular force dynamics sensor to evaluate the issue.

in many cases, vibrations in a vehicle may be the symptom of an underlying mechanical imbalance. in this case, repairs or replacement parts could be needed in order for you to resume driving smoothly.
mechanics will also be able to use their expertise and the specific tool they have on hand when diagnosing your car's symptoms in order to help determine any necessary steps for fixing it back up again before returning your vehicle into its former state.

why does my whole car shake when driving?

that shaking may be from one of the following factors:
there is a mechanical imbalance and / or component failure within the vehicle's suspension system which causes tires to experience spurious longitudinal forces while driving on rough road surfaces.
engine misfire while shifting gears which causes an unbalance while shifting gears and creates a shake, or overall abnormality in engine operation due to specific technical problems.
vehicle has been poorly maintained such that multiple exterior components including body panels no longer fit together tightly, causing shifting of any components above after rougher conditions such as through potholes or uneven road surfaces.
surface irregularities on the ground create unequal amounts of friction across tire contact patches, creating more friction at certain points and less friction at

should i be worried if my car is shaking?

not necessarily. sudden movements can lead to a shaking sensation in vehicles, which doesn't always signify steering problems.

the sway of the car while going over bumps may have caused a reaction with the steering wheel that has created unstable feelings while turning or flipping while going straight, if it is just this symptom you're feeling then there's nothing to be worried about. if your vehicle vibrates heavily and you notice your tires are off-balance then it might be time for repairs from an auto mechanic though!

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