Why is my car shaking when idle

One potential cause is cold idling which occurs when drivers shut off their engine during cold weather. when the metal of the engine begins to cool, it contracts and causes vibration. the solution would be warm-up your car by driving for a few minutes before switching off the engine again.
different fuels can also produce different vibrations so if this doesn't work you may want to have your fuel filter replaced or use better quality fuel next time around. the filter should be changed every 10k miles but always ask your mechanic first about what is best for your vehicle model.
lastly, you might find that there's an issue with rotating parts of the rotating assembly (i.e axles) or with binding segments in

why does my car vibrate when idle?

there are many reasons your car could be vibrating when idle. the most common ones are transmission or pulley shaft misalignment, an unbalanced wheel, and worn out suspension components.

the following video will guide you through the steps in how to properly address the oil levels in an engine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9o9jw-5n9u

if that does not solve your issues, proceed with one of these three possible solutions detailed below:
it may be a problem with what is called “flexible drive technique”–if so run engine dry and see whether it goes away, if not take it to your mechanic for diagnosis and repair. it may also

why does my car shake when parked?

this is an indication that you may need to replace your suspension.

the bushings and other suspension components of a car's suspension system must keep contact with the body of the car during all movements, and when they deteriorate, this causes noises like metal-on-metal clanking and shaking. if not taken care up early enough, it can also cause damage to your tires and suspension parts. for instance, if too much movement is allowed in the upper control arm due to worn out bushings or ball joints etc., then such excessive motion will cause severe tire wear on either side of this component because one wheel will not be resting on the ground properly at all times.

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