Why is my car shaking

If your car is shaking, it might be time to call a mechanic.
the beginning of the diagnosis process with most vehicles includes inspecting them for potential problems that can cause shaking. typical issues include loose lug nuts, low tire pressure, sticking brakes, or bad tires where asymmetrical wear might have occurred. if you are unsure of these items or believe they are not the problem after contacting a mechanic and having the system checked out then it should be safe to drive and bring your vehicle in as soon as possible for an evaluation by someone who knows what they're looking at.
to do this yourself you would start off by checking other systems on your car first such as; indicators if one bulb is not working (sudden

is it safe to drive when your car is shaking?

yes, it's safe to drive when your car is shaking.

that said, the safest thing to do is slow down and stop before you start experiencing any symptoms of passing out. it may not be an issue with the car at all and it could be something as simple as low blood sugar or a lack of sleep that's causing this symptom. “feelings of lightheadedness, dizziness or even fainting are all common warning signs that it’s time for food.”

why is my car shaking when driving?

the car is shaking when driving because it is going over a bump in the road or steering too sharply, thus the weight is displaced and shifts, causing instability.

1) check your tires to make sure they're not under-inflated. 2) check your wheels – if one wheel doesn't spin as fast as the other three, you'll see signs of shimmy since those two are now trying to drive together on uneven ground. 3) make sure that none of the wheels are making contact with any sharp objects on either side of them. 4) remove items from your trunk as it could be heavier than what's typical and putting too much weight on its suspension system at once which will cause shake upon impact with a

should i be worried if my car is shaking?

it's possible that your rotors are warped. this would be especially true if you feel like there is a pulsating sensation in the braking pedal, which is similar to what you might feel when pumping brakes on pavement during an emergency stop – this too can indicate warped rotors. it could also be due to poor brake fluid health (needs replaced), or it could be simply because of worn pads or calipers – check your hoses for tightness and make sure they're not rubbing anywhere.
you should always take your vehicle to a repair shop for inspection before continuing – never depend solely on advice given online- find someone with experience to inspect the car and advise accordingly! safety first!

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