Why is my check engine light flashing and car shaking?

A flashing light and shaking usually indicates an emission problem.

it could also be a sign of another engine system or sensor malfunction, but it's more likely that the car is emitting pollutants more quickly than the emissions system can catch them. it will need to be inspected by a professional, but it should clear up after its tires are replaced. if not, faulty ignition wires are probable culprits.

why is my car shaking and the engine light flashing?

the best course of action is to check your engine temperature. a really bad indicator of a problem is when you get excessive levels of smoke from the nozzle, which also signals that something serious happened inside the engine. diesel engines have similar symptoms but they will often show more quickly and while it might be true for gasoline engines as well, checking your oil quality would be a good way to look for a diesel's problems too. for gasoline engines specifically there are three main culprits: low oil, misfires, and ignition problems with the spark plugs or wires. if both these systems are just fine then it could be that you lack fuel or water in the system or some other condition on how everything is functioning – either way this would require

can i drive my car with the check engine light blinking?

it's possible, but you should probably have it fixed. the check engine light means there is a car issue with the car. it could be as simple as gas cap, battery, or something more complicated so not driving the car isn't advised unless necessary. we always advise getting any warning lights checked to verify that they are safe for you and your passengers to drive on today's roads.

what causes a car to misfire and shake?

generally speaking, if the car is shaking and sputtering it could be caused by carburetor troubles, but without looking at or starting the car there is no way to know for sure.

if you're really concerned about your misfiring engine, you can always take it in for a checkup. the mechanic will give your engine an inspection before they determine what's causing all that noise under the hood. you don't need to jump to do anything else just based on speculation alone! there might not be anything wrong with your bumper-chassis combo at all! so make an appointment with a mechanic today and breathe easy knowing they'll check things out thoroughly before charging any money (which i hear is totally cheap nowadays).

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