Why won’t my car start

It sounds like your battery might not be able to provide enough electrical power for the car.
information to include in the answer: you may want to start by having your battery checked, or perhaps alternately, turning on the radio and interior lights, highlighting the problem.
this is often due to corrosion of some form––this can come from improper charging (corrosion on the battery inside), an old battery that's had more than its fair share of usage (external-type corrosion), or possibly contaminated gas. if you're pretty sure it's an old battery with external-type corrosion, then removing some covers will allow more dirt and debris lose contact with your vehicle’s electronic components.
if you have a charger at

why won't my car start all of a sudden?

this is not always possible to answer. for starters, there are many factors that must be considered in order to determine what the cause is. however, if you know your starter isn't working but everything else seems fine, then it's likely that the root of the issue lies elsewhere. you should take your car into a mechanic to have them check it out and help diagnose the problem. to learn more about how mechanics work together with cars find out these 4 steps for diagnosing car problems here.

why won't my car start if it's not the battery?

a car may not start if the fuel filter is blocked, or if the battery is drained.

a blocked fuel filter prevents gas from reaching the engine though it may allow air to pass through. an uncharged battery does not have enough power to turn on an engine's starter motor because it cannot send current across its terminals to connect with electricity created by a spinning turbine or magneto (if no alternator). similarly, if there are loose cables disconnecting certain high-voltage components like starter motor, ignition coil, distributor cap and wires, no spark can reach contact points at the end of each cylinder's firing sequence.

what can cause a car to not start?

different things can trigger a car not to start which is why we ask the customer what has been done and whether they changed anything. for example, if you suddenly change your fuel pump or distributor and then try and start it, it's likely that there's just something wrong with those parts. or you're trying to start it without gas in the engine which means you'll get an “engine cranks but won't start” error message on your dashboard.

if none of this seems relevant then we usually find that the spark plug cables need changing as they've probably dried out due to heat from sitting in summer heat for too long without use. this also goes for air filters – new ones will help with bad gas mileage and more power

why won't my car start but the radio and lights work?

i'm afraid this is a difficult question to answer without a greater understanding of the specifics of your vehicle. active malfunctions can be as simple as a bad connection or more complicated. active malfunctions may also have been corrected with on-board diagnostics and its effects will not be seen until future starts. inactive malfunction may include things such as dead battery, faulty starter, failing alternator etc, however these are mostly dependent on what type of car you drive and i again am unsure from the brief description that it would be possible for me to diagnose anything specific from an article written by someone who doesn't even mention which make and model they own.

nevertheless, i've compiled a list below of some general steps

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