Why wont my car start

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why won't my car start if it's not the battery?

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if the starter is not engaging, then it's likely that your car doesn't have power anywhere. try the lights first before the vehicle tries to start — but if none of those are working, then your battery or alternator may be out on you.
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replacing a dead battery with a new one may restore service, but some issues might lie elsewhere. for instance, jump-starting can cause power surges that are read as problems by onboard diagnostic systems (obd), which will begin acting up or shutting down altogether once they detect these unintended currents. to diagnose at this stage, you'll need to go into manual mode and running diagnostic tests for which there is no “id

why would my car suddenly not start?

the most common reasons are simultaneous disconnection of battery cables, lack of fuel, dead batteries, or a disconnected starter motor. if the engine does not crank when starting it can be due to various issues.

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when your car won't start but all the lights come on?

you're car's battery may be low or dead.

if you forgot to turn off your headlights, it is an easy-battery fix. turn on the high beams for more than 10 seconds, then shut them off again. your lights will go back to normal and your engine will crank up!

how do you fix a car that won't start?

if your car won't start, it's probably a battery problem. step 1: check the power indicator for the charge (usually red), and if nothing is showing up there then step 2 is to jump-start it. the process is pretty simple; find a car that starts and connect the two cars' cables to each other. for more information, read this article on how to jump start a dead car battery
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if you can't get your car running even after jumping it from another vehicle, you might have an alternator issue. park close enough to your home/office so that someone can come out with jumper cables in case of emergency as well as an extra

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